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Translation Agency

Translations Enterprise is a translation agency from El Salvador working for companies and institutions worldwide. Our translators and interpreters are a team of expert professionals in the various fields of translation (written word) and interpretation (interpreters / translators oral). Linguists of our translation agency also provide other related mastery of languages ​​and communication services. Welcome to Translations Enterprise. More than just a translation agency: the best partner to invest in your company.

When choosing Translation Agency seeks the best translation rates, the most competitive deadlines and total quality assurance. That is precisely what gives you our translation agency. Calls translation quote with the security of having the best market prices translation.

Our idea to offer professional translation service not provided by other agencies, focus on quality as a principle and purpose in our work and continue to grow as a reference in the field of language services. Because we offer and we demand the utmost rigor and recognition in a profession it is not always as appreciated as it should. We help the client to perceive the importance of professional native translators of the target language, to have a quality system that ensures the revision of their texts and, in short, to invest in quality.

No illusion or idea that is sustained without the strong support of a rooted conviction: for us, your satisfaction is an end in itself; your objectives are ours and we are to hear your voice you beyond your current borders.






In Translations Enterprise we offer comprehensive translation services. We have a team of managers and project managers, translators and reviewers. We employ strict procedures of quality and efficiency to ensure maximum quality in translation projects of our clients on tight deadlines.

Our professionals are specialized by labor camps and language combinations and have high experience.

Strictly respect the deadlines agreed with the customer delivery and maintain absolute confidentiality of all documents received by the customer.

In each of the translation projects Translations Enterprise follow these procedures:

  • Analysis of the documentation to be translated and assigning him / the translator / is specialized / s according to the needs of the document.
  • Emptying terminology and creating glossaries: customer is presented with proposals for translation and is consulted any questions that may arise.
  • Commissioning of the translation.
  • Continuous communication with the client.
  • Homogenization style of translation.
  • Translation review by the team.
  • Final review by an experienced reviewer.

A sworn translation is a translation by an authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translator. The Sworn Translator acts as a Notary, and publicly attests to the veracity of the translated document.

The need for this type of translation requirement arises from certain authorities (Ministry, Court, academic institution). These organisms are Spanish or foreign, which require that the translation is to be sworn present.

Moreover, the sworn translation can be used to support the information translated because the translator is responsible for the translation with his signature and seal recognized.

We guarantee confidentiality and data protection of all documentation received by our customers.






In Translations Enterprise we offer comprehensive interpretation services. We have a team of managers and interpreters to fully satisfy your needs in events, multilingual congresses, meetings, training courses, bilateral meetings, accompaniment and any type of travel management.

We provide simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, escort, whispered and sworn interpretation.

In simultaneous interpretation, we have the technical equipment audiovisual soundman interpreter booths, receivers and any audio-visual material you see fit included.

Since our inception we have been covering more and more fields of interpretation in various sectors.

Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpreting (also known as simultaneous translation or conference) is one in which one or more speakers produce a speech in one language and one or two interpreters in a soundproof booth synchronized reproduce the same speech or presentation in the language of the listeners. In each cabin work often work two interpreters for the same language combination and interpreted as a computer alternating every 25 minutes.

There are times when this type of unidirectional interpretation does not work because there is more of a passive language (speakers) and more than one active language (interpreters). In these cases the relay or relay interpretation that the interpreters do not interpret from the original language of discourse but do so from another language that serves as a link between the original league and target language applies. The language used between the original and the target is called pivot language.

To work properly this interpretation requires a team of audiovisual audio booths, wireless receivers, loudspeakers, microphones, monitors and a sound technician who will coordinate the proper functioning of each of these components.

There are occasions when the interpretation is performed by a system consisting of a radio frequency transmitter and receiver but soundproof booth, talk about the infoport briefcase, for its lightness, it is useful in certain circumstances such as site visits; It enables delegates and interpreters move nimbly. However, you can never replace the role of a cabin in the case of a conference, as it would sound interference.

Consecutive interpretation
In consecutive interpreting a speaker produces a speech or presentation in a language and an interpreter who is on your side plays the same speech in the language of the audience.

He pauses in his speech from time to time to intervene and play the interpreter his speech in the language of the audience. The talk of the speaker and the interpreter is typically agree before the speech, but usually around 3-5 minutes duration for speeches and presentations and the time required for negotiations and meetings.

Consecutive interpreting is often used in bilateral meetings, negotiations, press conferences, interviews, meals, welcoming speeches and in speeches and presentations.

For proper operation of consecutive interpreting, the interpreter must take notes that make it necessary to faithfully reproduce the speaker's speech.

Liaison interpretation and accompaniment
In liaison interpreting and support an interpreter works as a link between two or more people who speak different languages. The liaison interpreter interprets in both directions and will interpret the content of the speech of each of the speakers to be heard other listeners in their native language.

The accompanying interpreter performs the same functions as the liaison interpreter but also accompanies you wherever the customer needs to go.

It may be business, dealings with foreign nationals in international organizations, sightseeing, among others.

Whispered interpreting
In this type of interpretation the end listener hires a performer who plays for him only as the mother tongue of the listener is different from the other listeners in the room or meeting.

The interpretation is performed simultaneously and is quietly so as not to disturb other listeners. It is an interpretation that is little used and in a few acts. It is unidirectional.

She is also known for interpreting whispered.

Sworn interpretation
Sworn interpretation is one that is mainly in the Courts. However, it can also be done in notarial acts and in the private sector such as the signing of agreements between undertakings, termination of contracts, among others.

The interpretation is as a sworn liaison interpreting but approved by a court interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who obtained the title of Sworn once approved a series of tests of translation.

After the intervention of the interpreter, it must sign and swear anything that was translated orally or in writing.

Interpretation methodology
It is important to consider the following issues when necessary as an interpreting service:

In simultaneous interpreting, plan in advance the distribution of equipment in the room where the event takes place.

Selection of appropriate interpreters specialized in the subject.

Provide documentation (presentations, calendar, etc.) interpreters to develop a glossary.

Ongoing communication with the client to organize everything.

Equipment installation and soundcheck the day before.

Technical interpretation equipment
If you need to organize an event, conference, seminar, videoconference facilities visit... we advise you so you can organize it in the most appropriate way.

On numerous occasions we have previously visited the site with a technician to plan well the distribution of the cabins and the PA.

Cabins and living event: Consider the conditions of the room where will be held the meeting, if there are PA, which is the arrangement of the tables if necessary sufficient wireless table microphones or lapel, space for booths are, among others. Many booths as languages ​​are to be translated will be needed. If there is no space for booths in the hall, no problem, we have other solutions.

Installation of simultaneous interpretation equipment: usually needed one to two hours before and after the event to install and dismantle the equipment, it is important to take this into account when renting a room.

We also provide additional materials: displays, stands, displays, etc. and also the audio and image.






In Translations Enterprise, we offer very competitive rates. Below, we detail our translation rates:

Simple translation (per source word RATES EXPRESSED IN USD$)

Language The Spanish (DIRECT) The Spanish (REVERSE)
Inglés USD$ 25.00 (PAGE) USD$ 35.00 (PAGE)
  • Minimum amount: between USD$ 50.00 and USD$ 100.00
  • These rates will have to add 13% VAT
  • These rates are indicative and may increase or decrease depending on the volume of text to be translated, the deadlines, the format and the complexity of the documents to translate

Sworn translation (per source word RATES EXPRESSED IN USD$)

Language The Spanish (DIRECT) The Spanish (REVERSE)
Inglés USD$ 55.00 (PAGE) USD$ 75.00 (PAGE)
  • Minimum amount: between USD$ 75.00 and USD$ 120.00
  • These rates will have to add 21% VAT
  • These rates are indicative and may increase or decrease depending on the volume of text to be translated, the deadlines, the format and the complexity of the documents to translate
  • The delivery service of certified translations at the address of the receiving company has a cost of USD$ 11.00 + 13% VAT


In Translations Enterprise, we offer very competitive rates. Below, we detail our performance rates:

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison interpreting, support and whispered (Rates in USD$)

Language Minimum amount (2 HOURS) Half day (4 hours) Full-time (7 hours)
Inglés USD$ 295.00 USD$ 425.00 USD$ 545.00
  • These rates will have to add 13% VAT
  • Sworn interpretation carries a surcharge of 15%






Traductions Enterprise, provides service to create you a budget for their projects, analyze it and subsequently assessing the quality of the document and the requirements for this is presented with a quick quote for a prompt delivery of the project that has been given us.

This service is not only for companies, applies to individual, for translation and interpretation services people.

For any further information on translation and interpretation services offered Translations Enterprise, contact us:
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